Community Fair To Tackle Mental Health And Wellbeing 

Thomas Jaspers Coordinated by ACON, the fair will connect people with service providers in Sydney offering practical support for LGBTI people experiencing anxiety and depression. ACONs Marcus Pastorelli told the Star Observer Thrive came out of Beyondblues desire to engage the LGBTI community around anxiety and depression. The fair comes off the back of Beyondblues LGBTI-targeted awareness campaign Take Action Before the Blue Takes Over, which saw the mental health organisation fund a wide-ranging advertising campaign throughout Midsumma and Mardi Gras. Pastorelli explained the afternoon will be a mix of awareness-raising and practical support. Thrive is really a mix of things, we want to raise awareness through the read more presentations and workshops on offer as well as give space for organisations and services as well as community groups that can offer practical and meaningful support, he said. The fair will include a whole program of activities, including guest speakers, demonstrations and meditations. There will also be stalls representing a wide range of community organisations. Thrive will feature some great workshops and presentations from people like Barry Taylor from the LGBTI Health Alliance and music for the afternoon will be provided by Sandi Hotrod, a much loved local DJ, Pastorelli said.
Community fair to tackle mental health and wellbeing


Beneficial Pointer For Appreciating Your Juicing Machine 

Juicing could have several health and wellness benefits. Juicing lets you get all the nutrients from vegetables and fruits without consuming huge volumes of them. The article listed below discusses the juicing info Alex Simring you need to know to start your personal routine.


Health Care Sign-ups Hit 5m Mark 

Report: Many Americans intend to stay without health insurance

That still leaves about 1 million to go over http://alexsimring.com/ the next two weeks for the White House to meet its latest goal of 6 million enrolled by March 31. That would work out to more than 70,000 people a day. And some independent analysts say that’s a stretch. Medicare administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced the 5-million milestone in a blog post Monday. March 31 is the last day to enroll for a taxpayer-subsidized health plan through the new online markets, or exchanges. It’s still unclear whether the White House will grant an additional grace period for people who’ve started but not finished their applications by that date.
Health Care Sign-Ups Hit 5M Mark

Ignorance about the tax credits ran highest among Republicans and people in the West and South. More than 40 percent of people who identified themselves as Republicans said there are no tax credits to lessen the cost of insurance, compared with 20 percent of Democrats and 33 percent of independents. Slightly more than a third of those in both the West and South say the tax credits don’t exist, compared with 25 percent in the Northeast and just 13 percent in the Midwest. Some 17 percent said they weren’t getting insurance because they opposed the ACA, making that the second-most common reason cited for skipping coverage. Half of the Republicans who plan to stay uninsured said this was the main reason, compared with only 5 percent of Democrats. Time magazine reveals in its new issue that President Obama considered shutting down the Healthcare.gov website after its failed rollout and star…
Report: Many Americans intend to stay without health insurance